Re: Whence Grimm?

From: gknysh
Message: 31786
Date: 2004-04-07

--- In, "tgpedersen" <tgpedersen@...> wrote:
>> > > >(GK) Now as to the missing
> > > > archaeological evidence of Sarmatian migration into
> > > > Bastarnia. (Pay attention) It has been pointed out to
> > > > you repeatedly (I did it, and most recently Piotr)
> > > > that it is not up to those who do not accept your
> > > > baseless contentions to "prove" them wrong: you are
> > > > methodologically not entitled to make them, and it is
> > > > up to you to advance at least something which might
> > > > back a hypothesis. You can't simply fantasize and then
> > > > proclaim "disprove this!". This is an infantile
> > > > approach. The sooner you realize this the better. But
> > > > I'm not holding my breath... We can speak of a
> > > > Sarmatian migration into Bastarnia in the 1rst c. BC
> > > > as soon as sites proving it are discovered. Until that
> > > > is done, we are not entitled to use this romantic
> > > > fantasy (and that's all it is at the moment)as part
> > > > and parcel of a serious scientific argumentation. Do
> > > > you understand what I'm saying? Strain the little grey
> > > > cells a little.

> >(GK)I thought that
> > you were arguing that your Odinist contingent initially settled
> among
> > the Bastarnae, not among the proto-Vandals.
>(TP) I assume they first settled among the Bastarnae; that would
> with what Tacitus says.

*****GK: It does NOT match with what Tacitus says. Tacitus knows
nothing of the Bastarnae being influenced by the culture of
immigrating "Sarmatians". He only speaks of intermarriage leading to
consequences as to Bastarnian "appearance". And he does not date
these intermarriages. You have drawn conclusions from Tacitus' words
which are totally illegitimate.*******

The archaeological evidence points to the
> whole Przeworsk area including Oksywie,

*****GK: As Piotr pointed out, Oksywie was not Przeworsk.*****


*****GK: That is the western component of Przeworsk, which also
dominated south-central and southeastern Poland, and the area of
contemporary Galicia in Ukraine.******

the works

*****GK: Neither Poeneshti-Lukashovka (Bastarnians) nor Zarubintsi
(Venedae and proto-Slavs) were involved in the "influx" you

> suddenly receiving an influx of a wealthy upper crust, and a lot of
> people ending up in graveyards at approximately the same time.
> the geography, I would assume the former took place before the
> latter, but basically it could be interpreted as the same

****GK: None of this advances your case one whit. What you must
demonstrate is the arrival of "Sarmatian culture" overlords. You have
not done so.*****

(TP)I think
> that you are asking me to provide proof that the rich graves of the
> Przeworsk culture contain specifically Sarmatian stuff. That's is a
> missing link, true. I'll get around to it.

*****GK: If you contend that the Odin people first settled among the
Bastarnae, then you must provide evidence of 1rst c. BC "Sarmatian
stuff" in the graves of Poeneshti-Lukashovka. ******