Re: [tied] Whence Grimm?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 31784
Date: 2004-04-07

07-04-2004 16:53, tgpedersen wrote:

> No, I haven't found a convenient diagram of the various cultures on
> the now Polish territories yet. I had the impression that they were
> all (Oder-Warthe, Oksywie, various ones in Galicia) known as
> Przeworsk? Enlighten me, please.

The Oksywie culture was not part of Przeworsk, though they had features
in common. In the first century BC Oksywie was replaced by the Wielbark
culture, associated with the early Goths, and covering more or less the
NW quarter of modern Poland. By the third century AD the Wielbark
culture expanded to the areas east of the Vistula, taking over SE
Poland. The other archaeological cultures (a chain of minor ones along
the Oder and the West Baltic cultures of NE Poland) did not change much
during that period.