Re: Whence Grimm?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 31766
Date: 2004-04-07

>Now as to the missing
> archaeological evidence of Sarmatian migration into
> Bastarnia. (Pay attention) It has been pointed out to
> you repeatedly (I did it, and most recently Piotr)
> that it is not up to those who do not accept your
> baseless contentions to "prove" them wrong: you are
> methodologically not entitled to make them, and it is
> up to you to advance at least something which might
> back a hypothesis. You can't simply fantasize and then
> proclaim "disprove this!". This is an infantile
> approach. The sooner you realize this the better. But
> I'm not holding my breath... We can speak of a
> Sarmatian migration into Bastarnia in the 1rst c. BC
> as soon as sites proving it are discovered. Until that
> is done, we are not entitled to use this romantic
> fantasy (and that's all it is at the moment)as part
> and parcel of a serious scientific argumentation. Do
> you understand what I'm saying? Strain the little grey
> cells a little.******

I can see you are beginning make a case for me being silenced again.

I have never claimed that there would be separate Sarmatian sites to
be found among the Przeworsk. We don't see that in southern Jastorf,
what we see is a foreign people moving in among the locals and taking
over (since they also supply a small number of very rich inhumation
graves). There is exactly the same pattern among the various
Przeworsk cultures: A sudden increase in the number of graves, a
distinct difference (Zäsur) from the previous graves, and the
appearence of a small number of rich inhumation graves.

The following is taken from Kuhn:

Greek teu~khos "implement"
PGmc. *teug- id. ("Zeug")

Greek doru/doratós "spear"
Homer dourós, doúratos
dat. dourí, doúrati dou~ra, doúrata
PGmc. *darr-/*darraT-/*daruT- id. (archaic)
ON darr, darraDr
OHG tart

PIE *dorwn.t

The spear was early regularised to two different stems. Both stems
occur in Germanic, where they must be loans.