Re: [tied] Demonstratives

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 31759
Date: 2004-04-07

--- In, "Âàäèì Ïîíàðÿäîâ" <ponaryad@...>

> So it is not necessary to reconstruct *pW here: the accent
position etc. could be the reason of two reflexes of *kW as well.

There's more discussion of the issue at . The
Nosrtratic evidence at was
interesting. I had some qualms about comparing words for 'spleen'
and 'liver'. I once saw some offal labelled, if I translate it
literally, as 'iron liver' in a Thai supermarket, but no one will
tell me what the phrase means.

> > We were talking about -t in the second person, not about -s
> > in the third person.

> Eng. <thou art>

Preterite-present (mentioned in ). I don't
know why the 2s past indicative of the normal strong verbs in Old
English should lack the dental and be the same as the 2s past
subjunctive, i.e. end in -e.