Re: [tied] Whence Grimm?

From: george knysh
Message: 31701
Date: 2004-04-03

--- tgpedersen <tgpedersen@...> wrote:
> > we have established that there was an influx into
> the
> > Jastorf culture
> > from the Przeworsk culture just before the time
> most
> > people assume
> > Proto-Germanic was formed,

*****GK: Do "most people" assume that Proto-Germanic
was formed in the 1rst c. BC? Do they include the
expert linguists on this list?*****

with Tacitus'
> information
> > we have a
> > migration

****GK: What "migration" would that be?*****

(and at least one loanword) from
> > Indo-Iranian to Proto-
> > Germanic territory.

*****GK: Your assumption about this loanword has not
been corroborated.*****

> (GK)The
> > mix of Przeworsk with Jastorf that you mention
> does
> > not support your pet theory.
> >
> (TP)Well, it does provides the last link in the

******GK: What chain are you talking about? There is
no chain, not even spider's web tendrils floating in
the wind. The connection between Przeworsk and Jastorf
exists and is verifiable. Proto-Vandals not only moved
into Thuringia, but also participated in Ariovist's
raid. That is fine. But where is the connection
between the Vandals (Przeworsk) and the Bastarnians
(Poeneshti-Lukashovka)? Nothing similar to Przeworsk->
Jastorf has been demonstrated here. Hence there is no
"link". The "Sarmat influenced" culture of the
Bastarnians for your needed time frame is likewise
undemonstrated (Tacitus won't do it I'm afraid, and
neither does archaeology). So that's strike two
against you. And strike three (as usual) is your
complete incapacity to prove that the steppe cultures
of the 1rst c. BC (and of prior centuries), especially
those of the Lower Don basin and Azov seashores had a
Germanic component. Quotes from Snorri cannot be
verified by archaeological research, by historical
documentation, or by linguistic analysis. So your
so-called "chain" is nothing but an unsubstantiated
romantic speculation which has nothing to do with
science. And you have repeatedly demonstrated (yes
that you have)that such speculation seems immune to
rational argument.******

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