Re: [tied] New to list and a question

From: P&G
Message: 31278
Date: 2004-02-29

Hi Danilo

Welcome to the list.
No one else has picked up your question, so I'll jot down a few ideas here.

> I would like to know the main characteristics of the mycanaean Greek,
> and how is this old dialect related to the dialects of the classic times,
> specially Arcadio-Cyprian.

The Classical dialects divide sharply into East and West Greek.
Mycenaean goes clearly with East Greek:
(a) -si- not -ti-
(b) hiero- not hiaro-
(c) Artemis not Artamis
Within east Greek, Mycenaean shows stronger links with Arcado-Cyprian,
Lesbian and Thessalian, than with Attic-Ionic:
(a) apu not apo
(b) -o- not -a- from a syllable nasal or liquid
And other links (especially vocabulary) suggest stronger links with Arc-Cypr
than with Aeolic.