Re: [tied] Re: Yugoslawia

From: alex
Message: 31257
Date: 2004-02-28

Brent J. Ermlick wrote:
> In article <002301c3fd5c$7c925810$152ca8c0@...> alex
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>> Hmmm.. so indeed the Common Slavic or ProtoSlavic lost too the
>> initial "s"?. I very doubt since if true, but I remember about some
>> opinions which says that SerboCroatian was heavy influenced by
>> Albanian as well. At least so Gunar Svane when he speaks about the
>> difference appeared between Bulgarian And Serbo-Croatian.
> "Jug" is the standard word for "south" in all the Slavic languages
> has been since their ealiest attestation.
> I suspect that the pre-eleventh century influence of Albanian on
> Russian
> and Polish was minimal.

Yes, I did not said something else. I just wondered about Slavic
loosing initial "s" as well.
If Slavic did not lost the initial "s" then the root must be another
one as something with "s" and the Alb. "jug" is coincidentaly the same
as Slavic "jug".
We do know about Albanian changing "s" to "j". Any other possiblity?