Re: Yugoslawia

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 31249
Date: 2004-02-27

--- In, "Daniel J. Milton" <dmilt1896@...>
> --- In, "altamix" <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> > I wondered allways about the name of the Yugoslavian republic,
> where
> > from did they got this name.This compositum "yugo-slawia" appears
> > clear at least for the last part the meaning being simply traced
> > the word "slav".The first part appeared unclear to me until I
> learned
> > that "jug" in Albanian means "south".So, I thought that it make
> sense
> > to see Yugoslavia (Jugoslawia) as "The South Slavic country".
> >
> > I would like to ask here if this is indeed the right
> interpretation
> > of the word or this is just a pure coincidence between "yugo"
> > from "Yugoslawia" and Albanian "jug" which means "south".
> Alb "jug"
> > form an older *sug ?
> >
> > If the interpretation is right, then who called the country that
> way?
> > Yougoslawia is north of actually Albanian and this puzzle me a
> >
> >
> > Alex
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> The obvious source for the name of Yugoslavia is Serbo-
> and indeed 'jug' is "south" in S.-C. It's apparently only in
> Slavic and Albanian in I.-E., but common Slavic, so borrowing
> Slavic ----> Albanian makes more sense than the reverse.
> Buck says "etymology dubious". Anybody here have suggestions?
> Dan Milton
PIE root of <south> in Germanic languages is *sunthaz `sun-side',
south. If we agree that proto-form was *sa:wel- `the sun', where
originally –el was suffix, alternated with -*-en, we should deduce
the preform was *sa:w- with zero-grade form *suw-. If we agree that
PIE *s in many cases was soften to /j/ from regular form /gj/, I
think that one extended form *suwg- could yields much
easier /jug/ `south' in Albanian language.