Re: [tied] Re: Eggs from birds and swift horses (was: the palatal s

From: enlil@...
Message: 31215
Date: 2004-02-23

Jens to Piotr:
> I am no more daft than I can understand that the etymology *may* be
> right, but we need something that *must* if we are to make whole new
> rules.

If I may rudely interject. I found that quote interesting.

Precisely the objection I so far have with a "whole new rule"
of infixing in the O-fix solution or the "whole new rule"
of lenition **to-s > *so... "but we need something that *must*
(be right) if we are to make whole new rules", afterall.
But somehow when I say it, I'm being stubborn :)

= gLeN