[tied]Alb. Gelenkartickel ( it was Re: Decebalus, help needed)

From: altamix
Message: 30977
Date: 2004-02-12

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> Abdullah Konushevci wrote:

> > No, Alb. -a- is Gelenkartikel, which was replaced later with -i-
> > and
> > probably -e- in Albanian and other languages (cf. Butidosa < Alb.
> > byth-a-dosa 'buttocks of sow'), etc.
> >
> > Konushevci
> Do you suggest that actually Gelenkartikel "e" in Alb. should derive
> from an older "a" ?
> alex

Look Abdullah, I asked this because there are some interesant
opinions for the verb "to have" in Rom. And there , the comparation
is too made with Albanian:
1sg am / kam
2sg ai / ke ( < *kai)
3sg a / ka

If this old idea about these correspondances is true, then the
old "a" in Albanian as "Burrë-e-madh" is not a replacement but an
normaly evolution of older "ai". This older "ai" as Genitive-
Atributive is still alive in Rom. since for Albanian pl. "e madhë"
there is Rom. "ãi mari", thus for instance "The Big Horses" should
seen as "caii-ãi-mari" which is in fact the same construction as
Alb. "kalë-e-madhë".

That will fits for plural, masculine. I should like to see such
constructions for sg feminine and for pl. feminine in Alb. as well.

If the discution is of non interest here about this Gelenkartikel I
suggest we move the discussion on balkanika if you are interested
into this topic too.