Re: [tied] Re: Decebalus, help needed

From: george knysh
Message: 30968
Date: 2004-02-11

--- altamix <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> george knysh wrote:
> > --- altamix <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> > "I was afraid to put the Alb word
> >> here. The meaning will
> >>> make a sense but it souns like a name give by
> >> foreigners to
> >>> Decebalos and not a name given by his folk.
> Usualy
> >> one will call his
> >>> leader "Our Leader" not "Our (folks_name)
> Leader)"
> >
> > GK: In the Old Ukrainian Chronicle, the
> rulers of
> > the land are frequently referred to as "Rus'kii"
> > Kings, precisely as above, and the authors were
> not
> > foreigners. And what about SPQR rather than
> "Noster"
> > (Nostri)SPQ ?
> Ahem... It is new to me that the Ukrainians
> considered themselves
> Russians.

*****GK: Actually Alex, there is a bit of a difference
between "Rus'kiy" (sometimes "Rus'skiy", where the '
is the "soft sign" (b)), and "Russkiy" (hard double
"s"). To be a Rus' King is not to be a Russian King.
My grandfather still called his language "Rus'ka mova"
(Galicians long kept the older terminology), but it
was Ukrainian rather than Russian (Russkaya

I just know beginning with the 14 century
> the valachs made the
> difference between Ukrainians and Russians.. more,
> the Zaporojans have
> been considered very good "avant garde" soldiers in
> the valachians
> armies.

*****GK: And about 10% of the Registered Zaporozhian
Host of 1649 were of Moldavian descent. They were good
Ukrainian Kozaks.******
> what should mean SPQR?

*****GK: Senatus Populusque Romanus.*****
> Alex

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