Re: [tied] Re: Decebalus, help needed

From: altamix
Message: 30962
Date: 2004-02-11

Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
>> Any idea about any similar names with "*Vbalos" where one know the
>> meaning of this "balos"?
>> Alex
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> Maybe Decebalus means "The head of the Dacians/The leader of the
> Dacians", through Alb. <ballë> 'head, forehead', related to Skt.
> <bhala> 'id.', OPrus balto 'id.'. Old Alb. form should be <bala:>,
> derived later <ballë> an neuter plural, as Burebista "The beater of
> the warriors" from Alb. <bisht>, probably OAlb. <bist>, derivative of
> verb. <bie> 'to beat'. Same formation we found in Sl. <biti> and
> <bic^>.
> Konushevci

I was afraid to put the Alb word here. The meaning will make a sense but
it souns like a name give by foreigners to Decebalos and not a name
given by his folk. Usualy one will call his leader "Our Leader" not "Our
(folks_name) Leader).
Of course this is not excluded at all and it can be it indeed has meant
simply "The leader of the Dacians".

About Burebista, there are so many variants of its name that beside the
first part which appears again to be a genitive (?) "bure" from "buri"
( the Dacian "buri" not the Germanic "Buri").
The last part is too weka for being analysed. I say "weak" because of
variants which we know:
Boirebista, Burebista, Buruista.