The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 30948
Date: 2004-02-11

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> > Another really snazzy case is *oxwiom "egg" which
> > must surely come from *xawi- "bird" somehow but... how?? It
> > sure looks similar. Well it IS derived from "bird" thanks to
> > a-prothesis. We start with another genitival construct,
> > *xawai-ana, this time with *-ana (> *-om to convey
> > collectivity. It is reduced by syncope to *xwian (blech!) and
> > is given prothesis to become *axwian > *oxwiom (traditionally
> > *o:wiom).
> >
> > Jens consonant idea makes no sense to me so I hope everybody
> > loves my idea which only depends on automatic sound changes.
> > :)
> That's quite a challenge. Within my understanding of IE phonology,
> Lat. avis seems to represent IE *H3áw-i-s with basic /a/
> and "laryngeal three". However, for the following argument, the /a/
> and the index on the laryngeal do not matter. A derivative from
> source with the "funny o" should have this element prefixed, thus
> forming *o-H3w-i-ó-m 'something from a bird'.
> Jens
Albanian counterpart <vida> 'pigeon', probably from *H3aw-i-d-ah2
(Delamarre, VIE, pp.139, *vido) is the aphetic form or here we have
not to deal with basic /a/? <ve> 'egg', much oldest form <voe>, seems
to be regular from *o:wyo, like <vesh> form *o:us.