Re: [tied] Re: A comment on Cybalist purpose

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 30918
Date: 2004-02-10

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Subject: [tied] Re: A comment on Cybalist purpose

> > I noticed a strange thing, that this list
> > is devoted not to IE studies, but almost only
> > to discussion on Albanian. If one posts something
> > different, the new topic is submerged by mails
> > about Albanian.
> LOL - I was going to post the exact comment a few days ago - way too
> much Albanian & Romanian, folks - mix it up a little, please!!!

I want to second this request. There's too much discussion of trifling
issues, individual words, etc. Nevertheless, I'm going to continue my
"lectures" on Albanian sound changes, just because Albanian has an
interesting history, undeservedly neglected by many IEists.