Re: [tied] the fascination of illV

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 30699
Date: 2004-02-05

On Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:20:39 +0000, altamix <alxmoeller@...> wrote:

>> >Dear Miguel, if "Diana" was already "Djana" in Latin it should
>have entered
>> >Romanian as "Djana" and it should have yeleded "Ziana".
>> No, that's just your ignorance. It yielded zânã.
>I very doubt about. Beside the phonetical aspects you handle how you

I handle them correctly, unlike you.

>what does you make think that the name of the godess "Diana"
>yelded in Rom. "zânã" (fee)and in Alb. "zênã"(fee)?

The Romanian for 'fee' is <onorariu>. I suppose you mean German <Fee>

From DEX online:

ZÂNA, zâne, s.f. 1. Personaj feminin, fantastic, din basme, închipuit ca o
femeie frumoasã szi de obicei foarte bunã, cu puteri supranaturale szi cu
darul nemuririi; fee. 2. (Rar) Zeitzã. -- Probabil lat. Diana.

In other words: "1. Fairy, 2. (rare) Goddess". A derivation from Diana is
"probabil" indeed.

Now tell me how Spa. <diana> came to mean "1. reveille, 2. target, bull's

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal