Re: [tied] di:rigere

From: altamix
Message: 30675
Date: 2004-02-05

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> 04-02-04 21:57, altamix wrote:
>> just for helping you out, there is no di:rigere > d�rgoj.
>> Here you have incidentaly the "d�" in that position due metathesis.
>> The latin "di:rigo" > "dregoj > d�rgoj.
>> For this situation you have as testimony the Romanian word "drege"
>> which is the same as Alb. "d�rgoj" both supposed to have as etymon
>> Latin "di:rigere".
> Actually, I suspect the VLat. reflex of di:rigere (merged with
> de:rigere) > *dereg- may have oscillated between *dr�g-/*derg-'
> depending on the stress pattern (different reductions rather than
> actual metathesis). *derg- --> *d&rg-�nj works better for Albanian,
> since it accounts for the preservation of VLat. -g- (one would expect
> it to be lost between vowels). I don't know, however, if other Romance
> developments support my reconstruction, and if not, what they suggest
> instead.
> Piotr

More interesting should be the fact that the meaning in Rom. is the meaning
"to make right" as in PIE *reg^- . The latin meaning is something else but I
wont enter in details.
West Romance keept the meaning of Latin "di:rigo" .