Re: [tied] Re: Late Proto Albanian *3 /dz/ = Early Proto Romanian

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 30661
Date: 2004-02-04

04-02-04 19:48, alex wrote:

> Under the marge of error which can appearsdue the accepted Latimons
> (Latimons= Latin etynoms) as being the roots for the Albanian roots, there
> is no /di:/ > PAlb "something". The reflexes of Latin "di:" are simply "0".

Inherited *di(:)- survives e.g. in Albanian: di 'know' < *di:- <
*dHih2-, ditë < *di:t- < *dih2-t- (from *deih2- 'shine'). Intervocalic
*-d- in native words is treated in the same way as Latin -d-, i.e. lost
no matter what vowel follows. I can't think of any examples of Latin
loans with initial /di:-/ except di:rigo: --> dërgoj. Of course you may
demand me to rule out the development *di > *3i > di, but I _have_ ruled
it out for intervocalic *-d-, and there's no reason to believe that only
word-initial *d- was palatalised.