Re: [tied] Re: Late Proto Albanian *3 /dz/ = Early Proto Romanian

From: altamix
Message: 30660
Date: 2004-02-04

alexandru_mg3 wrote:
> Hello Miguel,
> Latin di -> gives always -> ep-Rom. 3[i] -> Rom. z[i]
> I will never forget. Thanks.
> marius alexandru

You better does it since Latin "di:" could give Rom. "ze" just when in the
next syllable is an /e/ or an /�/ and Latin /di:/ could give Rom. /zi/ just
in the group "di:n".
Alone Latin /di:/ could never get any Rom. /z/.
We take the best examples we have here:
Lat. "dia" > Rom "ziu�"
Lat. "deus" > Rom. "zeu"
Lat "di:cere" > Rom. "zice"
Lat. "diana" > Rom. "z�n�"
Lat "decem" > Rom. "zece"

All the Latin words should have been in PBR as follow:
dea, dEus, dicere, deana
From the phonological system here, just 2 of 5 words _can_ derive from
Latin. And these are "dEus" and "dicere".
E= ie
i > ie because of "e" in the next syllable.
Thus :
There can be a dEcem >diecem > dz'ece >zece ( expected is zeace as in
Tthere can be an dEus > dieus > dz'eus > zeu
There cannot be an dicere > zice since the "i" in "zi" is not to explain , e
> i just before nasal
There canot be an dia > ziu� because "i" cannot be explained and "u" cannot
be explained ( the form "zi" is the short form maybe due Latin influence?)
There cannot be a diana > "z�n�" since there are too much transfromations
:"ia" > "ea" > "iea" > "ea" > "a" >"�" > "�"

So , we have 2 words with regular changes which will works. The problem is
that exactly these 2 words from our examples are to find in the form of
today in the Thracian glosses. There is "zece" and "zeace" and there is
"Zeu" and "Zal". The manco of these Thracian words? We don't know what they