Alb. verifying some words

From: altamix
Message: 30652
Date: 2004-02-04

Dear Abdullah,

it seems my dictionary is limited regarding some words, thus I would
like you to verify if you can if the following words are Albanian
words and what they are supposed to mean (the German translation of
the words would be highly appreciated, but the English one will help
as well).

prallë; shtok; shur (not "shurr", but "shur"); tuvlë; vgjê; vrri

There should be a word more and this is "ngalkoj" but it seems this
can be an Albanian word [derivative of "kalë" (horse)
where "ngalkoj"= Rom. "încãleca" both words being supposed to derive
from Latin "incaballicare"]. This word, "ngalkoj" is too not listed
in my dictionary.

Many thanks in advance,