Re: [tied] "Rs" in Latin/Greek/IE/etc.

From: Lisa
Message: 30623
Date: 2004-02-04

> The name Raros (and also derviatives from it), mentioned by
Herodian. The
> word raros is also mentioned by a scholiast as an Aeolic word, but
it's not
> found in any of our texts.


> Yes - an early borrowing, before the system of writing had sorted
> out.

I figured it was probably that.

>>> And then there's the whole matter of some placenames and proper
>> in Latin that aren't derived from Greek yet have RHs (Rhea Silvia,
>>> Rhoetus, Rhegium, Rhaeti, Rhenus, Rhodanus, etc.)...
>> The Romans introduced the rh- and -rrh- in the first century BC,
>> sometimes over-corrected, especially in foreign names, e.g. Rhenus.
>Ah, so overcorrecting merely because it's foreign? I assume whatever
>Rhenus was was Celtic (or perhaps Germanic), and thus would be

Is that in fact the case? Just wanted to check.

Thanks again.