Re: [tied] Re: Genetic Link between Albanian and Romanian

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 30566
Date: 2004-02-03

03-02-04 11:54, Abdullah Konushevci wrote:

>> Agreed; moreover, some of those "auctoritae" were not so keen to
>> an unconditional support of exclusive Illyrian descent. I think
>> this is still a fairly undecidable issue since information is low.
>> Regards,
>> Marius Iacomi
> ************
> Dear Marius,
> I think it is not fair and morally correct to put under inverted
> comas "auctoritae" (probably you mean "auctoritatae")

I'm sure you both mean "auctoritates".

> scholars who
> devoted one human life to Albanian language and to praize others who
> are not able even to read correctly Albanian language.

Even a perfect command of Modern Albanian doesn't equip one for studying
the prehistory of the language, reconstructing its prestages or
determining its position within IE. It's a different field of study, and
it requires a different kind of competence.

> For me this thread is closed and I was not one who is based in
> authority (Lat. auctoritas, -tatis). Many of my arguments appears
> for the first time only in Cybalist, but I hope, that I will be
> forced, after I have done some deeper researches, to make Illyrian
> onomasticon.

Let's hope you won't literally make it (up). But it never hurts to do
some deep research.

> But, when we talk about <authorities>, lets talk about
> true one.

I see. You choose "the true authority" and what then? "Il Duce ha sempre
ragione"? If people haven't been challenging true authorities over and
over again, we'd be living in a Ptolemaic universe.