Re: Genetic Link between Albanian and Romanian

From: m_iacomi
Message: 30561
Date: 2004-02-03

--- In, "Abdullah Konushevci" wrote:

>>> 03-02-04 03:02, Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
>>>> First of all, I think that were much bigger authorities in
>>>> Albanology, like Gustav Meyer, Norbert Jokl, Holger Pedersen,
>>>> Paul Kretschmer, Eqrem Çabej, Carlo Tagliavini, Waclaw
>>>> Cimochowski, Radoslav Katicich, Shaban Demiraj, Eric Hamp -
>>>> all proclaimed linguists and albanologists in the world, that
>>>> backed up the origin of Albanian language from Illyrian,
>>> [...]
>> Just for fun, let's quote from C. Tagliavini's "Le origini delle
>> lingue neolatine":
>> "In Southern part of Illyria, in a region roughly corresponding
>> to ancient Dardania, an Indo-European people, maybe [!] a mixture
>> of Illyrians and Thracians [!], was about to be linguistically
>> Romanized. It's Albanian people.
>> While the craddle of Albanian language is highly uncertain, all
>> researchers agree nowdays to assert it to a region North of today
>> Albania and far enough from the sea; the presence of a large number
>> of Latin elements and of a reduced number of ancient Greek elements
>> makes us think, anyway, to a region North of Jirecek line. [...]".
>> Not quite the same, eh?! :-)
>> Also E. Hamp, even in a review article available also online, is
>> far from being so decisive, describing the issue as "the
>> troublesome and inconclusive question of Illyrian and Thracian,
>> and their possible relation to Albanian" and ends out with
>> "Clearly, the whole question remains completely open".
>> (
>>> Secondly, in science it's sound argumentation that matters, not
>>> "bigger authorities".
>> Agreed; moreover, some of those "auctoritae" were not so keen to
>> an unconditional support of exclusive Illyrian descent. I think
>> this is still a fairly undecidable issue since information is low.
> I think it is not fair and morally correct to put under inverted
> comas "auctoritae" (probably you mean "auctoritatae")

No, I mean "auctoritae" (nominative plural of auctoritas, -atis),
I don't know what "auctoritatae" is, maybe you would enlighten me.
Being a word in Latin in an otherwise English phrase, the commas
were intended to highlight this feature, not an ironical contest
of its' applicability to those linguists.

> [...] to praize others who are not able even to read correctly
> Albanian language.

If I am not mistaken, I quoted from two of those authors just
mentioned by yourself as authorities, nothing else.

> Many of my arguments appears for the first time only in Cybalist,
> but I hope, that I will be forced, after I have done some deeper
> researches, to make Illyrian onomasticon. But, when we talk about
> <authorities>, lets talk about true one.

I fail to get your point on that: they're no longer true authorities
since the quotes aren't satisfying you?!
I think it would be fair to provide debatable material to be
discussed on the list.

Marius Iacomi