Re: [tied] Genetic Link between Albanian and Romanian

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 30544
Date: 2004-02-03

--- In, george knysh <gknysh@...> wrote:
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> wrote:
> > On which bases we should assume that Albanian
> > developed from Dacian
> > and not from Illyrian.
****GK: On Piotr's authority. Since I am not a
> linguist, but a mediaeval textologist and political
> theorist, I have to fall back on someone else's
> expertise. So far as the argument has developed I find
> his views more persuasive than yours. So if you have
> any "big guns" now's the time to bring them out. I
> have no prejudice against Albanian deriving from
> Illyrian if that's the way the evidence points.*****

First of all, I think that were much bigger authorities in
Albanology, like Gustav Meyer, Norbert Jokl, Holger Pedersen, Paul
Kretschmer, Eqrem Çabej, Carlo Tagliavini, Waclaw Cimochowski,
Radoslav Katicich, Shaban Demiraj, Eric Hamp - all proclaimed
linguists and albanologists in the world, that backed up the origin
of Albanian language from Illyrian, besides Gustaw Weigand and the
big, big raw of Slavic linguists that deny the filiation of the
Albanian language from Illyrian. Despite my deep respect to the
Piotr's authority, I must confess that he is in Albanology very
unknown figure.
Second, how would Piotr ore any one else deny the fact that, at most,
all inherited (and accepted) Illyrian lexicon is present in Albanian
Third, how should one explain the simple fact that, at most, all
place names, known from the antiquity, could be explained only
through Albanian language. Indeed, through sound-law and appellatives
in Albanian language.

> And, who can assure us that
> > Illyrian and
> > Dacian were not just two dialects of the so-called
> > South-Illyrian
> > group: Messpian, Albanian, maybe Macedonian,
> ****GK: I know of Illyrians in Macedonia, but what is
> your evidence for Macedonian being part of a "South
> Illyrian" group?****

[AK] If I am not wrong, I think Holger Pedersen deny any connection
of Macedonian with centum languages or with so-called North-Illyrian.