Late Proto Albanian *3 /dz/ = Early Proto Romanian *3 /dz/

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 30540
Date: 2004-02-03

Let's take the period C : Late Proto Albanian
"the time of close interaction between Proto-Albanian and Balkan
[see Piotr Albanian (1)]

Late Proto Albanian : g' >..> *3 /dz/
Ex : *g^ombHos > *3amb- [see Piotr Albanian (1)]

Now what about the early proto-romanians (ep-rom.) at this time ?

a) The Early Proto Romanians had "no problems" "to loan the correct
sound of 3 /dz/ from Albanians"
[see Piotr Albanian (1)] based on ONLY 2-3 'albanian words' :

Alb. : *vje3ulle -> ep-rom. *vje3ulle > *vje3ure
Alb. : *ma3ulle -> ep-rom. *ma3ulle > *ma3&re

(also rom. 'brad' can be added here)

As "Latins" their perfectly arrived to learn also the "Albanian
sound" /3/ from these 2-3 Albanian "loans" ...

b) But as "really Latins (you remembered : that ep-Romanians don't
have h /x/ because they are Latins)" they had "some problems" to
correctly pronounce the Latin words with "di" in some contexts
replacing /di/ BY.....suprize : recently loaned /3/ (from Albanians) :

1. Lat. dies -> ep-rom. *3i
2. Lat. assurdire -> ep-rom. asur3i
3. Lat. assediare -> ep-rom. aSe3a
4. Lat. auddire -> ep-rom. au3i
5. Lat. mediam noctem -> ep-rom. mia3&noapte
6. Lat. medius -> ep-rom. mie3
7. Lat. prandium -> ep-rom. pr&n3
8. Lat. radia;radius -> ep-rom. ra3&
9. Lat. expendiolare -> ep-rom. sp&n3ura
10. Lat. tardivus -> ep-rom. t&r3iu
11. Lat. ordire -> ep-rom. ur3i
12. Lat. urdica -> ep-rom. ur3ica
13. Lat. dicere -> ep-rom. 3ice

Now without joke : For me the next scenario is more logic to
explain what happens:

1. Early Proto Romanians has the sounds 3 as Later Proto
Albanians had it too. (like a second supposition they could also have
in common words like : 'mazare' , 'viezure' and 'brad').

2. Early Proto Romanians had some difficulties when they learned
Latin (simply because they wasn't Latins), regarding how to
pronounce Latin /di/ in some contexts. They cannot pronounced
Latin /di/ correctly so they are using their OWN sounds: 3 /dz/ or
3i /dzi/.

Conclusion : Late Proto Albanian *3 /dz/ is the same with Early
Proto Romanian *3 /dz/

Best Regards,
marius alexandru