Re: [tied] Genetic Link between Albanian and Romanian

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 30524
Date: 2004-02-02

02-02-04 22:34, alex wrote:

>> Secondly, it
>> isn't true that Romanian and Albanian have been isolated from each
>> other for so long (1500 years -- the other number is simply absurd)
> Stop- There is nothing absurd here. The most accepted theory is that the
> Rom. block was broken by slavs, thus the Aromanians should have been
> separated by DacoRomanians in the VI century. We have 2004, if this
> statement is true, from the Rom. split until now are already 1500 years. On
> this basis we are forced to accept more as 1500 years as being the period of
> time where BecomingAlbanians have been neighbours with BecomingRomanians.

I said "the other number", meaning "2000". Romanian did not yet exist
that long ago as an individual language.

> You dissapoint me. I guess you do not mind it seriously that the Romanians
> which are living in Albanian will transmit telepatic to DacoRomanians the
> way how to make their phonetic system for being similar with the one of
> Albanians.
> If you use "neighbour" just because in Albanian are living Romanians, you
> have to think too that even in Romania are some Albanian living there. And
> Germans as well. Thus , Romanians are neighbour with Germans:-))) I
> appreciate the joke, but let the joke be a joke and not anything else.
> About the Middle Ages, I am afraid I know enough for telling that as far as
> the historical records tell us, there is nothing which can say the
> BecomingRomanians have been neighbours with BecomingAlbanians. Nothing.

Well, not in your Dacian fairy land. But I mean the real world.

> Since one speaks about historical testimonies, there are some which speaks
> about a such kind of geographical neighbourhood. But there is no word about
> Romanians or Albanians. Just about Illyrians and Thracians. Since Albanians
> are not Illyrians in your mind and Romanians are not Thracians, then the
> historical records do not tell us anything about any posible neighbourhood
> of these people, thus they never have been neighbour and their phonetic
> system & common _only_ shared lexica is just a coincidental issue. So much
> about 1+1=2

I won't even bother to refute this contorted argument. Anyone can see
that logic isn't your forte.