linguistics in music

From: Michael Smith
Message: 30504
Date: 2004-02-02

Hello everyone,

I am trying to re-organize my band, and my aim with the music is to
incorporate ancient languages and also cultural music, as well as
stories reflecting ancient societies, both Historical
and Historical Fiction, into the music. Many of these will include
languages and cultures that are Indo-European. Being not a
linguist by any means but having the interest, it will be a
challenge trying to write lyrics in Gaulish,Hittite, Thracian, Old
Norse, Tocharian, Old English, etc. Some lyrics will be in English
but will have Historical

I am looking for a drummer, and after June a guitarist, who lives in
the N. California area who is interested. The music incorporates
traditional styles or "feelings" from other cultures, but is genre-
hopping, and also mixes metal, funk, hard-core, ska, Greek and
Italian styles, circus/carnival music, cartoonish music, jazz,
reggae, Middle Eastern, East Indian, death metal, broadway etc.

There are many sudden tempo and style changes within every song, and
I would describe it as progressive, experimental, spastic, quirky
and crazy. But I thought I might find people here who would be
interested because of the themes and languages of much of the music.

Anyone interested please let me know.

Michael Smith