Re: [tied] Mother of all IE languages

From: Miguel Carrasquer
Message: 27925
Date: 2003-12-03

On Wed, 03 Dec 2003 14:22:22 +0000, "S.Kalyanaraman" <kalyan97@...>

>The main difference between Egyptian
>Hieroglyphs and Sarasvati Hieroglyphs is that the former are
>representations of syllables while the latter are representations
>(rebus) of words

Egyptian hieroglyphs are not syllabic.

Egyptian writing is a mixed system, consisting of logograms, determinatives
and phonograms. The phonograms never denote syllables, but only a single
consonant or a group of consonants.

An example of Egyptian writing (Loprieno, p. 16)

Actual writing:


Pronunciation (without vowels):

d_d mdw.w jn gbb h.n` psd_.t=f


to say (d_[d]) words (mdw[w]) by (jn) Geb (gbb-GOD) with (h.n`) his (=f)
Ennead (9-t-GOD-GOD-GOD)

Note that "to say" (d_d) has been abbreviated to <d_>, and that the plural
-w of MDW (WORD) is also not written. The determinatives GOD and GODS (=
plural GOD GOD GOD, with dual GOD GOD) are not to be pronounced.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal