Re: mereu 0002-DARO-A-0000

From: m_iacomi
Message: 27772
Date: 2003-11-28

--- In, "Dr Dan Waniek, MD" wrote avoiding
any answer to my previous questions:

>>> Any other idea is highly appreciated.
>> Romanian loanword "mereu" does reflect a Hungarian word and it's
>> a matter of very little interest on a list dedicated to IE issues.
>> If you have a better proposal, it would be of great help to stick
>> to normal English (i.e. forget about your favorite db format and
>> make your point in plain text, no encoding).
>>> A small wink here to Marius - Salutare, si la mai mare!
>> Is that me?! I strongly doubt... but thanx anyway. :-)
>>> Si tu vales bene est, ego valeo : )
>> "si vales, bene est; ego valeo" sounds better.

> Don't you speak Romanian, Marius ? Or read it ?

Me speaking or not Romanian (incidentally it happens I do) is
hardly an issue for this list and your reply (two rows after a
fullquoted message) looks more like "trolling". My previous note
was aiming to put the discussion on the right track since up till
now you have just made self-esteeming comments about your db and
its coded second entry, amounting total information at a little
bit more than three times nothing. Either you provide relevant
linguistical material to debate on, or find something funnier to
do in real life, meanwhile.

Marius Iacomi