Re: [tied] mereu

From: m_iacomi
Message: 27770
Date: 2003-11-28

--- In, "Abdullah Konushevci" wrote:

>>>> To quote I. Fischer: "Romanian <mare> comes undoubtedly from
>>>> Latin <mas> (accusative <marem>) `male`, but one has to suppose
>>>> that meaning shift occured because of similarity with an
>>>> autochtonous word (whose existence is suggested by Albanian
>>>> <mallë> `big`)".
>>> Albanian <mallë> 'big'!!! Are you serious or are you kidding?
>> He is probably refering to Albanian <madh> 'big'.
>> Alb. mall = nostalgia
> Probably you are right, but difference between <mall> 'nostalgia'
> and <madh> 'big', as semantically, as phonetically is very huge.

We are all right. I know that Albanian wod for `big` is "(i) madh",
here I was just quoting as something which appears to be a misprint
in my book. For the sake of authenticity, I left the word unchanged
but I forgot to mention the misprint.

Marius Iacomi