Re: [tied] Re: Caland [was -m (-n)?]

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 27768
Date: 2003-11-28

>I think it has to do with little else. All the classical cases of
>i-alternation are with thematic adjectives. The thematic vowel itself
>alternates e/o ~ u ~ i. The Caland business alternates *-re/o- ~ -u- ~
>-i-. Is this unrelated?

It would seem to me it isn't related. It looks like nothing more than
someone trying to find a pattern where there is none. In which case
I recommend renting the movie "Beautiful Mind". As long as you're not
dreaming up imaginary characters, you'll be fine :)

I could concede that there could be something going with the *e/o~*i
alternation you see, however. Still, I feel uneasy at inventing a new
soundrule every time there's an alternation. It seems more like
something analogical in this case.

= gLeN

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