Re: [tied] mereu

From: Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Message: 27755
Date: 2003-11-27

--- In, "m_iacomi" <m_iacomi@...> wrote:
> --- In, "alex" wrote:
> > eimeion > mereu ? ; phoneticaly imposible.
> Statistically, it happens that Alex gives some correct labels
> on randomly distributed issues. Thas does not prevent the basical
> corpse of labels provided by him being false, as:
> > Mereu fits semanticaly and phoneticaly with eng. "more", German
> > "mehr"
> It does not. "mereu" (/meréw/ - `always`, `(for) ever`) has no
> phonetical similarity with English "more" and German "mehr", both
> these words having the stress on the first syllable and no similar
> ending. For the meaning, the discrepancy is even worse.
> Germanic -r- comes specifically from a comparative grade, there
> is no /r/ in the IE root for "much" itself ("meg^(H)- Pok. 1240).
> > and it is cognate with Rom. "mare" ( big),
> Keep dreaming on "mereu" being cognate with "mare".
> Marius Iacomi

: O )

Statistically, 30% of all indo-european languages taken in pairs do
show outstanding similarity and an even higher proportion of
cognates. We expect even better by mere chance !

Dan (irismeister)