Re: [tied] mereu

From: m_iacomi
Message: 27740
Date: 2003-11-27

--- In, "alex" wrote:

> eimeion > mereu ? ; phoneticaly imposible.

Statistically, it happens that Alex gives some correct labels
on randomly distributed issues. Thas does not prevent the basical
corpse of labels provided by him being false, as:

> Mereu fits semanticaly and phoneticaly with eng. "more", German
> "mehr"

It does not. "mereu" (/meréw/ - `always`, `(for) ever`) has no
phonetical similarity with English "more" and German "mehr", both
these words having the stress on the first syllable and no similar
ending. For the meaning, the discrepancy is even worse.
Germanic -r- comes specifically from a comparative grade, there
is no /r/ in the IE root for "much" itself ("meg^(H)- Pok. 1240).

> and it is cognate with Rom. "mare" ( big),

Keep dreaming on "mereu" being cognate with "mare".

Marius Iacomi