Re: [tied] mereu 0002-DARO-A-0000 (eimieion PION mereu DARO)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 27738
Date: 2003-11-27

27-11-03 17:00, Dr Dan Waniek, MD wrote:

> There is an interesting theory in France about proto-ionians (PION).
> I kindly submit my proposal for a discussion of older etyma here,
> starting from some interesting points made by Jean Faucouneau
> (concerning pre-mycenaean Greek.) Despite his pathological self-
> effacing habits, Jean, inter alia, helped decypher the famous
> Pahistos disk.

This of course starts the kook alarm. Who is Jean Faucouneau, and why
should we believe he, or anyone, has successfully deciphered the
Phaistos Disk inscription? I've seen many a claimed "decipherment", but
not a single plausible one.

> First a word about formats in my own database:
> ----
> 0002-DARO-M-0300 (eimieion PION mereu DARO, PHRE ROTA)
> ----

What database? And what's the meaning of these lines? They look as
enigmatic to me as the Phaistos Disk itself.

> only states that 'eimieion' - by some phonetical metathesis and some
> rotacism - yielded 'mereu' in Dacoromanian, and this is my second
> conjecture, with a score of three in a scale of ten :) Any other
> idea is highly appreciated.

Even Alex realises that no such derivation is possible, whatever
"eimieion" is.

> A small wink here to Marius - Salutare, si la mai mare! Si tu vales
> bene est, ego valeo : )
> Yours,
> irismeister (sanity, cutting through Volksetymologie)!

Where's the folk etymology, and where's the sanity?