mereu 0002-DARO-A-0000 (eimieion PION mereu DARO)

From: Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Message: 27729
Date: 2003-11-27

Hello All!

There is an interesting theory in France about proto-ionians (PION).
I kindly submit my proposal for a discussion of older etyma here,
starting from some interesting points made by Jean Faucouneau
(concerning pre-mycenaean Greek.) Despite his pathological self-
effacing habits, Jean, inter alia, helped decypher the famous
Pahistos disk.

First a word about formats in my own database:
0002-DARO-M-0300 (eimieion PION mereu DARO, PHRE ROTA)
only states that 'eimieion' - by some phonetical metathesis and some
rotacism - yielded 'mereu' in Dacoromanian, and this is my second
conjecture, with a score of three in a scale of ten :) Any other
idea is highly appreciated.

A small wink here to Marius - Salutare, si la mai mare! Si tu vales
bene est, ego valeo : )

irismeister (sanity, cutting through Volksetymologie)!