Re: [tied] Re: Numerals query again

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 27721
Date: 2003-11-27

27-11-03 12:58, Harald Hammarstrom wrote:

>> (A curiosity: Crimean Gothic had <sada> '100', an Iranian loan.)
> Speaking of which, which I bet has been discussed before, what do you
> think of the origin of OCS sUto?

I think it may be Iranian as well, since there are some convincing
examples of Iranian *a (phonetically, a schwa-like vowel) ending up as
Slavic *U in unstressed syllables. Since we know that Iranian '100' was
borrowed far and wide (whatever the reason), I find that solution
preferable to postulating an irregular development of *k^m.tóm in
Slavic. The whole thing has been discussed on the list. Richard's index
should help you to find the references.