Re: [tied] Re: Albanian, pronouns,plural

From: alex
Message: 26254
Date: 2003-10-05

elmeras2000 wrote:
> That's one of the places Albanian shows its IE origin at the
> clearest: it's the demonstrative pronoun *so, *saH2, *tód, acc.
> *tóm, *táH2m, *tód, etc.: Just like Germanic, Greek, Indo-Iranian
> and Tocharian, Albanian faithfully reflects the IE paradigm in which
> only the masc. and fem. begin with *s- while all other forms
> have an initial *t-. In Albanian, the reflex of /s/ is lost in the
> weakly stressed words, but not always quite: The reflex of *s- is
> expected to be gj-, and in some of the forms we find /j-/ instead
> which looks like a reduced form of it, as jonë 'unsere',
> presumably from *saH2 + *nos. The t-forms have mainly kept the /t/
> down to the present day, but some of the forms have combined the /t/
> with a /y/ emerging later in the word (mostly out of *-sy-) and thus
> show up with /s-/.
> Jens

Huh? I am afraid I did not understood too much. Do you mean that aj/ajo
< PIE *so-/*saH via *so > gjo >jo > ajo and that the plural forms of
aj/ajo are from PIE accusative form of the demonstrative pronouns, thus
aj/ajo are not the basis for plural forms ata/ato?

BTW, which are reflexes of PIE *so-, *sah- in Germanic?