Re: The indo european "race"

From: wtsdv
Message: 26235
Date: 2003-10-04

--- In, "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...>
> I'm considering voting myself out of this racially motivated
> no doubt much to your happiness. I'm sure this is what you imply
> above.

As much as you annoy me it wouldn't make me happy to
see anybody kicked out, but I did take your message
as a suggestion that the same should be done to me.

> I will continue to stress the fact that this thread is simply
irrelevant to
> linguistics.

It may or may not be relevant to linguistics, but as
Richard pointed out when he cited message 1, and I
didn't realize this before then either, the physical
anthropology of I.E. peoples _is_ on topic. Seeing
as Babaev has abandoned the list, I see no reason
why that couldn't be changed and the list topic be
restricted to purely linguistic matters. Nevertheless
as it stands, it is not.

> Why is this common sense statement so threatening to you, David?

I don't think that I'm the one acting threatened here,
and you're obfuscating by trying to make that appear
the real issue. My point was that you are being
hypocritical. When I took offense at Torsten's
suggestion that "mulattoes" were inclined to violent
behavior, you accused me of "internalized racism".
Now that you've assumed the role of champion against
racism, you don't seem to appreciate the same sort of
psychoanalysis. You're going to find in life that
people don't like, and seldom forget, being insulted.