Re: [tied] Re: The indo european "race"

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 26234
Date: 2003-10-04

>Ahhmmm... which should be in your acceptation the definition for

An irrelevant query. The real question is what is the definition of
Indo-European. As far as I've been aware for the past ten years
learning about it in my own time, Indo-European is a _linguistic_
constuct and rational-minded people can all agree that Indo-European
wasn't a single "culture", "ethnicity" or part of some centralized
organization. Therefore the plurality of culture, ethnicity, and hell,
even language itself, within the IE-speaking community negates
the relevance of such senseless skin-colour/hair-colour threads.

I mean, let's say we finally discover what precise hue Caesar was,
or some other Roman or Greek. It still says nothing about IE. What
are we trying to discover here with this thread? Are we trying to
find the exact percentage of light- versus dark-hued persons in
the average Indo-European-speaking population?? This is a nutty
thread. There's no purpose to it except to indulge in racially
motivated crap. It doesn't even have much purpose on a
genetic-related Forum. There's no science here, just people's
baseless impressions like Siglo's.

And if this weren't so, somebody would have explained the
scientific purpose of these queries long ago -- No such luck,
of course... but _I'm_ the meanie for being the devil's advocate.
Let me get out my fork and tail, cuz this is obviously gonna
become a full-time job the way things are going.

= gLeN

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