Re: Derivation Rules from Old Slavic to Romanian

From: m_iacomi
Message: 26227
Date: 2003-10-03

--- In, "alexandru_mg3" wrote:

> A lot of messages were related to explain the derivation rules
> from Latin to Romanian.
> Could somebody describe similar Rules from Old Slavic to
> Romanian (or to Balk. Romance)?

The issue was not debated on this list because it's of low interest
for IE matters and, on another hand, once the word got adopted by
Romanian, it followed the same rules as for inherited words, from
that moment on.
There is not an unique moment for Slavic words entering Romanian
(or dialects): from Common Romanian up to nowdays, Slavic words
have been loaned by Romanian, with slightly different phonetics.
The only thing which can be successfully discussed is the
correspondence between OCS phonemes and the Romanian ones in
loanwords (that is: first Romanian loanwords aren't necessarily
took from OCS, but from some Slavic idiom(s) not too different.
Al. Rosetti has a sub-chapter in ILR called "Istoria sunetelor
slave meridionale in limba romana", you'll find there the right
answer to your question; if you want a specific discussion, you
might try to open the issue on an appropriated list as (r-lang).

Marius Iacomi