Re: Pearson Question

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 26214
Date: 2003-10-02

--- In, "merbakos" <gigolojoe0@...> wrote:
> Ok, I couldn't find much info on this Pearson guy or his institute
> by running a search, but I did read that article that was linked
> to. I don't know exactly what the guy means in his conclusion, but
> it sounds like some kind of veiled "racial purity" reference. I
> think I'm begining to understand the "Nazi" label.

The Pearson question keeps turning up again and again like a bad penny.

I wouldn't change anything if I were to write it again. Since that
time, however, I've seen John V. Day's book. My departmental library
has it, so if anyone's interested in a brief review, I can write one
in a week or two.