Re: [tied] Glue, resin [was: Ducks and Souls]

From: alex
Message: 25976
Date: 2003-09-23

alex wrote:
> Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
>> I don't know the origin
>> of the <ngjit-> family of vords, but your suggestion is unlikely:
>> <-gjit-> could derive from a variety of hypothetical sequences, e.g.
>> from something like *-sit- (any ideas, anybody?), but certainly not
>> from *-gWet-.
>> Piotr
> Piotr, try with Rom. "mânji" for Albanian "ngjes".
> Alex

I guess I was too laconic in what I said before and it ought I give some
more explanations.
The word "mânji" is quasi-sinonim with "unge" (to oil, to smear, to
salve, etc) but the really use of it is to smear, Germanic "schmieren".
If one agrees that Alb. "ngjit" is cognate with Rom. "mânjit" then they
seems to derive from PIE *ongW-, being here related to Latin "ungere".

P.S. do not ask me about the initial "m" in the Rom. word since I have
for now no explanation for a prefix like "ma-/me-"
mânji= cf DEX < Slavic "mazati"