Re: [tied] Timing of ablaut

From: Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen
Message: 25947
Date: 2003-09-22

> Lubotsky wrote an article about it: La loi de Brugmann
> et *H3e- in 'La Reconstruction des Laryngales (=
> Bibliothèque de la Faculté de Philisophie et Lettres
> de l’Université de Liège 253), Paris, (1990) 129-136'.
> He concludes that *H3e did not get lengthened by
> Brugmann's Law.
> So Skt. ápas- < *H3ép-os- and also e.g. Skt. ánas- <
> *H3én-os-.

I know that, in fact that was the very impetus for my own little renewed
investigation. I find the same idea expressed in a manuscript of a
university class I gave in 1972, but I have since found what I believe is
evidence against it. The example ánas- does not count: the root is in fact
*H3enH2-. I can't reveal the details just yet, for it is not of my doing;
but certainly the possibility that the root also ends in a laryngeal will
be hard to exclude.