Re: Vampire, i Dorogaya

From: tolgs001
Message: 25597
Date: 2003-09-07

>I would have to question how Slavic "drag"/"dorog"
>(dear/expensive) could come to be equated with any
>semblance of (devil).

I didn't equate anything. What I was saying was that
some scholars thought of another possibility, namely
that Dracula - just because of spellings such as
Dracole, Dragole, Dragulya or so - might actually
represent a weak rendering in written of the name
Dragolea (or perhaps of the name Drãgulea). I.e.,
a derivate of Drag. Romanian onomastics is full of
such derivations, e.g. Drãgan, Drãgoi, Drãghici,
Drãghincescu, Drãgaica, Drãgutzoiu, Dragomir/oiu,
DragoS, DrãguT, DrãguTescu, Dragalina, DrãguSin...

This hypothesis has nothing to do with <drac>,
<drago(n)> and the "devil."

>Perhaps the Orthodox Church didn't honor the Roman Catholic
>call to expose and punish (burn) so-called heretics
>(I don't know -- did they or did they not?)

AFAIK, they didn't (at least in the 2nd millennium).

>but making such an equation would still have been
>extremely perilous.

That's why I wouldn't dare (also given that I live
in a R-Cath environment, and one never knows... :^).

>Andy Howey