Re: [tied] Re: Some Albanian-Romanian concordances

From: alex
Message: 25593
Date: 2003-09-07

tolgs001 wrote:
> Compare Rum. ieSi/re with Ital. uscire and Engl. issue.
> (Rum. popular & colloq. & slangy uSchi/re, uSchealã belongs
> here too)

meaning to disappear very quick and unobserved from a certain place.

>> It seems here that the Alb. counterpart should be "încinge"
>> with participal form "incins" with can be used as "incite" too.
> Nope. It's Lat. in-cingere, in-cinxi, in-cinctum. And the
> Rum. vb. încinge/re is related to Rum. cingãtoare & chingã.
> (<incitare> + <to incite> are completely different)

Wrong. You are confounding the boths words : incinge(1) and incinge(2).
One is explained as Latin incendere and one as latin incingere

> George