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From: S.Kalyanaraman
Message: 25575
Date: 2003-09-07

--- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, Piotr Gasiorowski
<piotr.gasiorowski@...> wrote: One possible cognate
> is Russ. kom (< *komU < *komos) meaning 'lump, clod' and usually
> assigned to the IE root *kem(H)- 'press together, squeeze,
confine'. > *kóm(H)-ah2 might therefore have meant 'bundle (of
locks, strands)'.

Here are some lexemes from many Indian languages. Dan, if a Telugu
*kom or khoma (Prakrit) is cognate with Greek, so be it.

kun.d.a- clump (e.g., darbha-kun.d.a-)(Skt.); go_d.a_ cluster, tuft
(M.)(CDIAL 3266).

kon.t.ai tuft, dressing of hair in large coil on the head, one of
aim.-pa_n--mut.i (Ta.); kon.t.a (Ma.); kon.d.e (Te.); gon.d.e
(Ka.Tu.)(Ta.lex.) jhut.i a hair-knot (Santali.lex.)

komu fine cloth of goat's hair (Si.); kho_ma, kho_maga made of flax;
n. linen or cotton or silk cloth (Pkt.); kho_ma made of flax, n.
linen cloth or garment (Pali); ks.auma prepared from linseed
(Sus'r.); made of linen (La_t.y.); linseed (Sus'r.); linen cloth
(Ka_tyS'r.); ks.aumika made of linen (Skt.); ks.uma_ flax, hemp
(Skt.)(CDIAL 3755).

kombu spadics, the tender flower-bud of a palm-tree (Tu.lex.) kopel,
kopela_ chapel; crown for children (Kon.lex.) kupar, kupari chignon
(Go.); koppu chignon, coil of hair (Ta.); female's hair tied in a
tuft (Ka.); chignon (Te.); kudashpar. topknot of hair (Go.);
koopagai the tuft of hair left on the head (Go.); kopu hair
(Kond.a); kopa coil of a woman's hair (Kui); kupuli crest of a bird,
tuft of feathers (Kui); ku_bbu_ coiffure (female)(Kuwi); kubbu
chignon, woman's hair-bun (Kuwi); khopa_ young people's back hair
when raised and folded up, chignon (Kur.); xoppa_ chignon (Kur.)
(DEDR 2110). khop bunch of woman's hair tied unplaited at back of
head (N.); khopa_ hair-knot (A.Or.H.); kho~pa_ (B.H.M.)(CDIAL 3939).

ro_mam < ro_ma hair (Ta_yu. Cukava_ri. 4) (Ta.); ulo_mam < lo_man
hair growing over the body of men or of animals, pur-amayir (Can..
Aka.)(Ta.) (Ta.lex.) lo_man hair on body of animals or men (RV.);
lo_ma body hair (Pali.Pkt.)