Re: [tied] Keyboards

From: P&G
Message: 25559
Date: 2003-09-06

>Is it even possible to use a
>modern Greek keyboard for classical Greek? Any suggestions would be

Yes. There are several solutions. The best one is to go to Keyman (just
shove "keyman" into your search engine). Download Keyman 6 and then go to
"keyboards" and download the Classical Greek one, and also a Classical Greek
font. Both are free. There is also a helpline you can ring.

I use Keyman 3 on this machine, since I can make use it to my own keyboards.
It converts sequences into whatever you tell it. For example, I simply
type the sequence "a h ^ ," and I get alpha with a rough breathing,
circumflex accent and iota subscript.

I use Keyman 6 on the laptop - it's bought later and Keyman 3 won't work
there, but Keyman 6 is fine - the only problem is I'm stuck with someone
else's Greek keyboard. But there are no problems with it.

A second solution is through "SIL" (Summer Institute of Linguistics). It's
an evangelising Christian group, aiming to produce translations of the NT
for languages where it doesn't yet exist. But they don't tell you that -
they just offer you a classical Greek keyboard (and Keyman!) plus some other