Re: [tied] Re: Indo-European for Uralic speakers

From: Juha Savolainen
Message: 25537
Date: 2003-09-05

No need to apologise: no offense was taken...:)
On Sejma-Turbino: I agree that Seymino-Turbino would provide a more glamorous ancestry for Finns than the Tacitian Fenni...However, while Sejma-Turbino certainly shows clear connections with Finno-Permic and Volga-Finnic tribes, Parpola and Carpelan are convinced that Sejma-Turbino was a culture that was dominated by an (early) Indo-Aryan speking upper class - just the same way as Abashevo culture ...:(
But then, such disturbing details should not hamper a devoted Finnish indigenist...
I will post a little later some interesting details that you might find interesting.   
P.S. In case my earlier post gave the impression that all "early and large" theories of dispersal are motivated by silly chauvinism, I state here quite unambiguously that this was not my intended meaning. After all, Otte et al. seem to be motivated by very different considerations. Morover, there are indigenists who do not have it "early and large". What I meant - and I hope that the context revealed my real intention - was that some indigenists see no other way to push their chauvinistic agenda than to have it "early and large" as otherwise it would become impossible to include their "own country" into the "homeland".
Best regards, Juha




Thank you for the review of the problem and the literature suggested. I'll try to find it.


Sorry, if something in my previous posting looked like a hint on chauvinistic matters. I didn't mean it at all.

Moreover, Finnish indigenists demonstrate an example of a high modesty: instead of considering themselves to be descendants of one of the most brilliant cultures of the North Eurasia Bronze Age (Seymino-Turbino which shows clear connections with Finno-Permic and Volga-Finnic nations) they prefer to think that their forefathers had the way of life as described by Tacitus.


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