Re: [tied] Animate Dual in -h3 (was: IE Roots)

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 25526
Date: 2003-09-04

>*-o:u is not established (as far as I know) for the dual,

Well, at least in *dwo:u and *okto:u, which is, I presume
what Miguel is referring to in part. These are duals. It is
_this_ dual ending that I think comes from a stem ending
in MIE *-a- followed by a collective suffix *-xe, forming a
stem that ends in *-axe (> eLIE *-ax > *-a: > *-o: >
PIE *-o:u).

>[...] whereas the -H ending has been suggested for quite a long time, and
>seems to have wider acceptance.

Yes, but here too, assuming that it is a laryngeal and not a
long vowel, I fail to see how it must necessarily be *hW (*h3),
either, as Miguel insists. I don't know of any secure suffix
that is known to end in a labial-marked phoneme like *hW or

= gLeN

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