Re: [tied] Re: Rom. =?UNKNOWN?Q?T=E2T=E3_=28breast=29_=28was=3A?= al

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 25291
Date: 2003-08-25

24-08-03 18:03, Richard Wordingham wrote:

>> [Alex:] I don't know which is the protoslavic form for "heart"
>> but in Serbian I remember the word is "cârce" where "c"= "T"
> Pokorny quotes the Serbian as _srce_. I'm not sure about the Proto-
> Slavic; I'd say **sUrdIce, but would not be surprised to receive
> some minor correction. There's also the simplex, *serda 'middle'.
> I don't see any connection with the 'tit' words.

Of course there's no connection (nor is there an initial <c> in
Serbo-Croatian sr"ce). As for some minor correction, the Proto-Slavic
word was *sIrdIce (with progressive palatalisation from *sírd-ika <
*k^r.d- + *-iko-), with early syncope of the medial syllable.