Re: alb. gji (breast) - maybe PIE *sei-N-

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 25286
Date: 2003-08-24

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> > DEX and most authors relate it to a Latin "*tit[t]ia". Also to be
> > noted Basque "titia", Estonian "tis", meaning 'female breast'.
> > probably, the word was originally onomatopoeic [children
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> > Marius Iacomi
> Estonian 'tiss', Finnish 'tissi' < Swedish 'tiss'.
> Peter P
And Alb. <sisë> 'udder, teat', <sisor> 'mammal, mammalian' with
dialectal variant <cicë> through regular assibilation ti > s (cf.
Lat. petia > pjesë 'part', ratio > arsye 'reason').
About <thimth> 'nipple (of the breast)' and <thith> 'to suck' my
opinion is that first word is derived from *su:mo- + -th > thimth
(cf. *su: > Alb. thi 'pig') and second one from extended zero-grade
root *su:g^- (PIE root *sue- 'to take liquid'), through assimilation
in distance *g^u:g^-.